Sky Athletics Club has several coaching policies of which all athletes and parents should be aware.
All athletes wishing to join Sky Athletics training squads should first contact Sky Khoo, to determine whether places are currently available in the squads.

All Athletes
 are required to participate in the group warm-up, including DRILLS at the beginning of each session.
 should endeavour to arrive at the venue at least 10 minutes before the scheduled session starting time.
 are required to report any injuries or “niggles” to the coach.
 should have joggers, water, towel, hat, sunscreen and another layer of clothing at EVERY session.
 are required to pay “monthly” fees by the second session of each calendar month.
 should notify us of any change in contact details (particularly for parents and for emails).
 should respect all users of the track, not just their fellow squad members.
 are encouraged to wear suitable footwear. For track and jumps athletes this means spikes with a small heel, not moulded bottoms, which are more suitable for elite-level competition.
 will advise the coach if they will be away for more than one or two sessions
 will advise the coach of their external additional physical activities involvement (eg. other sports, dance, work) so that it can be taken into consideration when designing sessions.
 will have a break of at least 3 to 6 weeks a year usually in May/June (Junior athletes will have another break in November/December). Resumption dates will be determined by the coaches.

All coaches
 will hold current coaching accreditation with Singapore Athletics and National Registry of Coaches.
 will be available before or after sessions to discuss issues with parents.

 are welcome to observe training sessions. However please leave questions until the end of the session.
 are asked to advise the coaches if they have objections to their child being videotaped
 are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress with the coaches.
 are asked to volunteer their services at the competitions here at the track. They are conducted for the benefit of local athletes but we need local officials.

Sky Athletics Club
 will endeavour to ensure the attendance of at least one coach at all major local competitions and National Championships for athletes in the senior squad, and major local competitions and National Schools Championships for athletes in the kids, youth and junior squads.
 maintains the right to refuse to coach any athlete due to obvious injury, disruptive behaviour, disrespect, bad sportsmanship or other appropriate reasons. This may also include athletes whose parents organise extra sessions for their children without advising Sky Athletics coaches – athlete safety, and prevention of overtraining and/or athlete burnout, are of paramount importance.
 will employ extra coaches if squads get too large.
 may review and alter session times and/or days if necessary.
 will NOT accept new athletes into squad training sessions for
for a 4-week period before National, or other major Championships. This is for the best interests of those athletes who have been training consistently with the squad. New athletes require extra time and effort from the coaches. This time and effort are best directed to those athletes who already have shown dedication to training.
 will ensure all coaches are furthering their knowledge and updating their skills regularly.
 will provide regular competition opportunities, for athletes aged 13 and over.
 will ensure that any changes to session times or availability of coaches etc will be advised immediately on the website (www.skyathleticsclub.com).

Junior & Senior Squad Athletes
 are strongly urged to participate in Sprints if attending Hurdles or Jumps sessions.
 should avail themselves of the competition opportunities offered at the facility.
 are expected to set a good example to younger athletes in their behaviour, their use of language and their treatment of officials and other athletes.
 are expected to provide their coach with a copy of their school training program if it has not been designed by Sky Athletics Club coaches
 Senior squad athletes are expected to compete at least to Clubs Championships and in relays, etc.


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